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Solar ovens are just part of the bigger picture for people who desire a Greener Lifestyle, are into DIY, the Prepper/Survival Movement, or Culinary Pursuits.

Here at Solar Oven Shop, you will find a great selection of tried and proven solar ovens, and sun cookers of various designs. The rewards of learning to cook without the use of fossil fuels or smoky fires are many, especially for those in the Third World. Now, solar cookers are widely used for emergencies, like after the effects of tsunamis and earthquakes. Preppers and Survival folks are keeping them in their “bugout” bags.

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Solar Oven Shop also carries thousands of items and gifts for those folks with wider environmental interests. You can find everything from backyard composters and wind generators, to solar hot water systems and Zombie Survival Kits.

 Take a tour! Find your style of eco-friendly fun.