GoSun Solar Dogger Plus (Pre Order)


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Fun Learning With The Whole Family

Estimated Delivery, Summer 2017

The GoSun Solar Dogger Plus contains a GoSun Solar Dogger and a Solar Cooking Educational Kit, including a Padded Carrying Case for secure travel, Temperature Probe, Sun Dial, Ray Tracing Laser, Experimental Reflector, and Educational Booklet.

GoSun Solar Dogger:  The perfect fuel-free cooking companion

  • Carrying Case: A great compliment to the GoSun Solar Dogger, this durable, padded case is built to protect, while storing all  of your extra add-ons
  • Custom Fit Padded Pockets: Protects the stove from impact and scratches
  • Educational Kit: Makes solar cooking educational with lessons on physics, geometry, and renewable energy



Fast:  Cook a meal in 10 minutes, reaching temperatures up to 550°F (290°C)

  • Cooks When Cloudy:  You don’t have to see the Sun to cook! The GoSun is so effective, almost no day is off limits!
  • Portable:  Set-up in seconds and folds into a slim package. GoSun Anywhere!
  • Fuel-Free:  No mess. No flames. No cost.
  • Safe to Touch:  Vacuum Insulation keeps exterior surface cool
  • Two Year Warranty:  Durable, made of borosilicate glass (like Pyrex®)
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